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The Chat Room by #SharonJohnson


The Chat Room  

Love is like a force of nature…
You can’t stop it or control it…
It’s a roller coaster that thrills…

When it comes to love, who would you choose?
DJ, the man you met online who’s raising a young son, after his wife’s tragic death three years earlier? A man who you’ve never met, but feel a profound connection to? A man whose words have burrowed themselves into your heart and your mind? The man who left without a word and broke your heart? The man who’s come back ready to claim your heart?
Matt, the boy you knew and dated growing up and rediscovered again on a trip home to see your family? A man you who makes you feel desired, happy and fulfills you in ways you never thought possible? The man who wants to unselfishly give you everything? The man who could help heal your broken heart?

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