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Wind Beneath His Wings Eternal Flames Maddox 10


Wind Beneath His Wings Eternal Flames Maddox 10


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“So what are we singing?” Jensen asked as he joined Sut at the table where there was a list of song choices.
“I don’t know what you’re all singing, but I know what I am,” Sut replied, then turned and headed for the stage. He gave the cutie Deja a smile and told him his song choice, then walked onto the stage. His gaze moved around the crowded room but wouldn’t focus on any one thing. Everything was a bit hazy and there was a bright light in his face. Sut lifted his hand to block the brightness and suddenly it dimmed to a more comfortable level. Being sober kinda sucked but for this song, he wanted to make his feelings clear to all that heard it.
He lowered his hand and gripped the mic as the first notes of the song began to play. Suddenly, his gaze focused on a single face and Sut’s heart clenched in his chest. He loved that face, but at the same time…he kind of hated it. Casimir was so handsome and Sut loved looking at his mate, but after the history they already shared, pain always outweighed the pleasure of that face these days.
His friends words rang in his mind and Sut knew they were right. He had given Casimir enough time. Now he needed to put himself first and protect his heart. As much as it killed him to walk away from his mate, there really was no other choice now. If he stayed, they would only continue as they had been and his heart would shatter every day, but if he gave up and moved on, the heartbreak could fully come, he would embrace it, and get over it. It was time for him to man up and reclaim his life. It was time for him to say goodbye to his mate, and the song he chose would do just that. These would be his last words to Casimir. After he was done, he would no longer speak to the man, or listen to him. Their lives would now go on separately. The time had come.
Sut, waited for the right cord, then locked his gaze with Casimir’s and began to sing, “Keep Me Hanging On” by The Supremes, “Set me free, why don’t ya, baby? Get out my life, why don’t you, baby?”
As the song went on Sut was filled with all the hurt, anger, and despair that had taken over his life since meeting Casimir. He thought of all the times the man had loved on him, then denied him. The pain and anger began to consume him and Sut glared at Casimir, letting all his thoughts and feelings show on his face as he sang directly to the man.
“Why do you keep coming around and playing with my heart?”He screamed out, releasing the rage within.
He watched Casimir’s face closely as he belted out the song and for a moment he began to panic from the thought of walking away, but then Casimir closed his eyes and shook his head. The motion reignited the fire of anger within him, replacing the feeling of loss with one of determination. No more, damn it! No more! I won’t let him treat me like this anymore. He fucks me and leaves me, keeps me a secret and at arm’s length and then when I say I can’t take it anymore and want more or I’m done, he has the nerve to look like he’s ashamed of me? Me? He’s the one who should be ashamed. Well fuck you mate, and fuck us. I release you from our bond. Sut thought as he continued to sing directly to Casimir the dragon shifter asshole, not Casimir his mate. They weren’t mates. Never had been, never would be.
“You don’t want me for yourself, so let me find somebody else…”he sang as he jumped from the stage and started walking toward Casimir, his gaze still locked on the man’s face.
As he moved closer and the crowd stepped aside to let him through, Casimir opened his eyes and their gazes locked as Sut now stood only feet from the dragon. Then he changed the words and instead of ‘Why don’t you be a man about it and set me free’, Sut sang, “I’ll be a man about it, and I’ll set you free. Go on, get out of my life…Let me be! Set me freeeee!”
The song came to an end and they remained frozen, just staring at one another. After a few moments when Casimir made no move to say or do anything, just continued to look at him, Sut felt the metal wall snap shut around his heart to the man. He was done.
Sut dropped the mic and walked away.