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Blend in. Stay quiet. Survive. 

Fallon Blake is starting her senior year in a new town with the goal of sliding through to graduation unseen. Despite her attempts to lay low, she makes a snap decision to act when the king of Cherry Creek High School, Jesse Callaway, gets jumped at a party. 

Now, fearing Fallon needs protection from the mess she threw herself into, Jesse refuses to let her recede back into the shadows. Little does he know, with each lingering glance, or brush of his hand, he is reigniting a fire within Fallon that burns her to the core. Every gentle touch scorches the scars on her fragile heart. 

As sparks fly between them, Fallon fights to snuff them out. How can she trust her own judgment when it failed her horrifically before? But when the past catches up with her, Fallon is left with two options. Confide in Jesse… or run. 

Will Fallon break the vicious cycle of the past by taking a chance on the future? Or will fear torch any chance she and Jesse could have had?

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