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By Linny Lawless & Rowan St. George

Cover Model: JD

Photographer: Eric McKinney, 6:12 Photography

Cover Design: Destiny Hawkins, Vibrant Designs

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Available on #KindleUnlimited



I’m the ancient werewolf that leads the Lunatics MC and they call me Zeus. We rule our territories in New Orleans and along the Bayous of Louisiana. My pack and my club are everything. I ride hard and I never live in the past. But some memories are hard to forget and the woman I lost still lingers in the back of my mind. When I meet Heather, I’m captivated by her beauty. Overcome with hungry desire, my primal instinct kicks in. I must possess and claim Heather for my own. Fate has other plans though. She’s powerful and deadly. And worse, Heather is the sworn enemy of my kind.


Bad relationships seem to dominate my past. I’ve just found freedom and the last thing I need is another man in my life. When I stumble into the Lunatics MC clubhouse and meet Zeus, I’m surrounded by his dangerous and supernatural energy. His pull on me is strong. I can’t deny the explosive attraction between us. The menacing biker has many secrets, and he wears them like battle scars. Weird things are beginning to happen. Will I survive the mystic force and danger that surrounds us with my sanity intact?

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