New Release

Playing the Field series, Offside.


(Playing the Field #3)

Rebecca Barber

Are you ready for Angus to join the team?

Angus Barrett was just trying to get on with his life.
After a messy divorce from his witch of a wife, Angus and his six-year-old son are focused on what’s next. Playing the game they both love and rebuilding their life.
Tess James was focused on putting one foot in front of the other.
Widowed while she was pregnant, Tess isn’t looking for more. She has everything she needs. A son she adores, a business she’s built and a quiet life.
When they’re constantly drawn together with the help of their boys, something’s brewing that neither can deny.
Is a second chance on the cards for Angus and Tess? Or will the ex-wife win this round?

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