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The Storm by Ranya Tempest

Ranya Tempest has revealed the cover for The Storm!

Releasing September 15, 2022

Our worlds couldn't have been more different.
But then our worlds slammed into each other, and the results were explosive in more ways than one.

It should have been nothing more than a dream.
A petty fancy neither was prepared for.
Yet what happened would be remembered for a long time to come.

They said love was blind… but what about lust?

Escaping my past wasn't easy, but I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. My way out of the life I was used to. The Legion MC was behind me now, and thanks to Harry, I was finally ready to embrace the life I had always dreamed of and deserved.
There was only one problem.
Harry was trouble, and I couldn't help myself. My body behaved funny around him, even as his presence introduced more chaos into my turbulent life.
His dominance was imminent.
I was his beautiful obsession.
His unbound fixation.
His bratty submissive.
But I couldn't abide his house rules. I had my own hidden agenda.
Something was approaching. I knew I would be forced to choose between my desire and my future. 
And that was just not fair.

This was supposed to be my one chance to escape the past. In Storm I found a woman who thrilled and excited me. One who managed to press all the right buttons.
My passionate Storm awakened a lust I didn't know I was missing. Too bad I had so many secrets. Should I risk dragging her down with me, or could I summon the courage to set her free before I imploded?
She belonged to me.
Bound by desire and obsession.
A woman I would do anything for, making this the hardest decision of my life. I was forced into actions I should have never had to take.
And that was just not fair.

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Meet Ranya Tempest

RANYA TEMPEST is a firm believer in everything happening for a reason. Ranya was drawn to crafting stories from a young age and continues to hone and develop her skills to produce quality romantic suspense novels readers worldwide enjoy.
She is a certified life coach who loves helping others, especially by providing them the motivation to keep pushing for their goals. She is a student of history and emulates her literary hero, Joseph Campbell. Ranya strives to create antiheroes who struggle to find their way to redemption. She knows that there is a hero inside all of us just aching to escape. She currently resides in Montreal, Canada, with her two fur babies.

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