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8/28 August #BRVL AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT – Cold Cases and Bruised Hearts


Cold Cases and Bruised Hearts

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When your only goal is to save the world, who’s there when you need to be rescued?


For most of my life, I’d been the savior and sought after when anyone found themselves in trouble. It could be to atone for sins of my past or because I was a natural caregiver. Whatever it was, I didn’t understand how to do anything else. My Outreach program cared for everyone in the city who needed help, and I wouldn’t say I hadn’t made enemies, but when the protector needed protection, I wasn’t prepared for Dolan Sharp.


No one did anything for free or out of the kindness of their hearts. That wasn’t how the world worked, and it was always survival of the fittest. I didn’t care what anyone said about the man named Boss. When I witnessed Boss in action, what I thought I’d believed shattered, and I didn’t know how to handle that.

There are always threats at every turn. It’s just a matter of when they catch up to you, but when one jaded man and another with a seemingly deep death wish have to work together, who’s going to survive the aftermath?

(TW: Mentions of childhood sexual, physical, and mental abuses. Passive Suicidal Ideation, self-harm, and mental illness. These are mainly off-page, but there are details flashbacks and conversations of said acts. Yet if these are triggering for you, please feel free not to read the story. Your self-care and mental health are more important. Thank you.)

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