New Release

“Broken Deeds MC: Second Generation #5

OUT NOW: Broken Deeds MC: Second Generation #5 from USA Today bestselling author Esther E. Schmidt. Standalone, Crime Fighting, Biker Romance. Get it here:

Genre: Standalone, Biker Romance
Author: Esther E. Schmidt
Cover Design: Esther E. Schmidt
Model: Grant Mims
Photographer: Golden Czermak,
Release Day: January 24, 2023

Wyatt – The murder cases I’m handling all point at the same pool of suspects. Following a lead causes me to detain a woman who spikes the need to lock her away for good; preferably in my bedroom.

Aveline – Nothing is what it seems anymore and through the shattered pieces of my life I’m confronted by a man who offers me a deal. Surrounded by blood, murder, and mind-blowing reality, I find his offer turns out to be the deal of a lifetime.

Trust and family can be tied by loyalty and DNA, but can easily dissolve when the truth resurfaces. Finding love in hard times can be the one link needed to survive, even more when dead bodies start to pile up.

Broken Deeds MC handles cases the government can’t close; they take charge and won’t stop until justice is served. This second generation is a series where each book is a new couple, handling a new case, and can each be read as a complete standalone with a happily ever after.

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