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Seeking Rayne (Risque Business Book 2) by #EzraDawn


Seeking Rayne (Risque Business Book 2)

Publication Date: March 18, 2018

(Risqué Business Book Two. This is a short story. It can be read as a standalone but is part of a series. There’s no drawn out villain plot just a couple of guys looking for love.)

Three and a half years ago, Rayne Sinclair met the love of his life. His fated mate. His human mate. Deciding that dating and wooing was the best course of action before revealing his furry self, Rayne asked Ian on a date. He never expected Ian to cheat. Never expected the pain of that betrayal to be so excruciating. It’s been three years since that day and Rayne hasn’t seen or spoken to Ian once.

Ian McCormick has been in love with the same man since the day they met three and a half years ago. After a day of celebrating with a very good friend, he wakes up to find that his boyfriend has disappeared. Leaving Ian to wonder exactly what he did to make Rayne go. When his friend explains exactly what happened Ian finally realizes what his lover must’ve thought. It’s been three years since then and Ian has spent each of them searching for Rayne. The police won’t help. His friends think he should move on. After three years of hanging on Ian is starting to think they might be right.


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